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Jonah Takalua is a character portrayed by Chris Lilley in Summer Heights High and Jonah from Tonga. He is a Tongan boy who is a difficult student at which leaves him being either suspended or expelled for vandalism, assault and constant bullying of the Rangas (gingers) and lower year level students.

Summer Heights HighEdit

At Summer Heights, Jonah is involved in multiple misdemeanors including cussing, vandalism, bullying, back-chatting and making false claims against his father which forces him to live in Tonga.

Jonah from TongaEdit

After being send away to live with his uncle in Tonga, Jonah moves back to Australia to start year nine at Holy Cross where he is sent to Lazarus House commonly referred to as "Spaz House". Jonah's younger brother Moses is bullied by a Ranga and the school captains younger brother. This causes a feud between Jonah's Fresh Off Boat Tongan crew, Fobalicious and the school's Rangas. The fight between them causes Jonah to be suspended from school and grounded. This ends with Jonah and his crew including his brother being sent to juvenile detention for armed robbery.