Nathan Sims
Vital statistics
Title Nathan Sims
Gender Male
Race Australian
Faction n/a
Health Stable
Level Lower Class
Status Student
Location Suburban Australia

Nathan Sims is the younger, deaf twin of Daniel Sims. He is a major character in both We Can Be Heroes: Finding the Australian of the Year and Angry Boys. Nathan along with his fellow family members including mother Kerry, brothers Daniel, Tyson , Jamie and sister Julia live in Dunt, a rural town in South Australia.

We Can Be Heroes: Finding the Australian of the YearEdit

The twins were nominated for Australian of the year after Daniel decided to donate one of his eardrums to Nathan in an attempt to restore hearing in one of his ears.

Angry BoysEdit

Nathan gets into trouble after listening to S.mouse and the government official from child services urge the Sims to have Nathan attend a school for deaf people in the states' capital city of Adelaide.